How to Foster your Child’s Creativity?

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How to Foster your Child’s Creativity?

Many parents assume that creativity is an inborn talent that their child either does or does not have: just as all children are not equally intelligent, all children are not equally creative. However, the fact of the matter is that creativity is more skill than inborn talent, and it is a skill that parents can help their kids develop. We have listed a few ways in which you can instil creativity in your child’s life.

  • Encourage them to fail

Many children are afraid of failure and this fear ends up curbing their creativity. They don’t want to try new things because they’re afraid that they might not be good at it or it might not turn out “right”. Make sure that you encourage their exploration by letting them know that failure is not that big deal. Explain to your child that everybody makes mistakes while trying out something new and things don’t always have to be perfect.

  • Foster a creative atmosphere

Keep a separate “creative corner” for your child where she can get messy with colours, paints and craft material. Don’t overindulge when it comes to the creative material. Teach her how to use her art material in a responsible way. Fill the creative corner with art & craft books and pictorial books by famous children authors. Encourage your child to read and watch creatively stimulating movies with you. Later, make sure to discuss the characters and the story so as to understand your child’s interpretations and help increase his imagination.

  • Let them play and explore on their own

Sometimes in our desire to express our creativity, we set up a whole sensory table full of things that we want them to explore. Remember to let them explore and try to not tell them how to play or how to put things together–let them do it themselves. Let them discover the solutions on their own and when they ask for your input give them a little push but continue to encourage them to find their own problem’s solution. You can also encourage divergent thought by letting them disagree with you i.e. have a different opinion than your own.

  • Introduce them to fun games

Make the brain stretch to establish analogies by the games you play. You could ask your child to change the ending of well-known stories. For eg: “In what other way could the story of Cinderella end?” For instance, creative thought percolates when kids state ways a clock and a boat are alike. Or they list all the things a cat and a computer have in common. You could play mental gymnastics games with school-agers. These can also be knock-knock jokes or puns.

  • Limit screen time

When one takes a break from gathering data, the brain is allowed to loosely explore and reconfigure information — which is why so many people have great ideas in the shower. TV and the Internet, however, interfere with this process — and unfortunately, most of the children tend to spend a lot of time on electronic devices in a day. You may feel it’s doing you good as the child willingly eats or sits patiently while on a screen but this mostly results in the child turning impatient. Screens also make the child’s brain lazy and limit the child’s extent of imagination.

  • Encourage Self-Expression

Encourage your child to express himself. This can be done through the arts, clothing, storytelling, and imaginative play. Be sure to encourage and support your child when he shows interest in something that expresses his thoughts, feelings, or personality. Be aware of your child’s talents and interests, and always encourage her in everything she does. Provide your child with unlimited support while being her biggest fan.

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