6 ways to Instill Good Habits in your Child’s Routine

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6 ways to Instill Good Habits in your Child’s Routine

Introducing some healthy habits into your child’s life is an essential part of their upbringing. It is imperative to start soon and start small. These healthy habits will prove to be a boon in their later lives when they would have grown up into healthy adults. Here is a list of ways you can help your child bring discipline and balance in his routine.


Encourage Physical Activity:
Believe it or not, the kids today are more likely to be affected by lifestyle-related disorders like childhood obesity, diabetes and even high blood pressure. So if you don’t want your kid to be a couch potato in his early years, encourage physical activity right from the beginning. Get into the park along your child with a ball and play with him. You can also get him enrolled in swimming classes- a good way to keep him fit and active.


Set Strong Ground Rules:
As a parent, it is extremely important for you to set down rules for your kid, especially after he has started his school. Now is the time to make a routine timetable for your kid. Set out fixed hours for playtime, homework and screen time. Give him 15 minutes every day to clean his room and an hour to relax out in the garden. Try to make a flexible routine and don’t be too strict while allocating time for study and play. Keep adequate time for playing sports as it helps in both physical and mental development.


Encourage Family Bonding:
Family time is extremely important for a growing kid. Introduce him to the different members of your family; explain how they are related to him and how he should be treating them. This way, he will learn to value people around him and will also learn the importance of family right from the beginning. You can arrange indoor and outdoor games, family picnics, get-togethers, potluck and other fun activities to encourage strong family bonding. Children from broken homes suffer from social maladjustment whereas children coming from homes where family relations are really strong grow up to be confident and have a positive outlook.


Family Dinners:
Family dinners are an excellent way to inculcate the habit of healthy eating in your kid. If the family sits together for dinner, your kid is less likely to consume unhealthy foods and will be more in touch with the family. It also nurtures the feeling of bonding in him. Teach your children to eat foods of different colours. Make them understand the nutritional value of having a rainbow coloured diet and how important it is to have it regularly.


Induct Good Literature:
Reading out stories to your kid from a book makes a significant difference. Good literature has an effective way of inspiring kids to behave in a correct manner, follow a code of discipline and has a positive outlook on life. Get some good books from your local store and read out moral based stories at bedtime. You can read aloud stories of famous authors so that the child’s command over the language becomes strong.


Let Him Speak:
Make sure you give your child the right to his opinion. Allow him to speak his heart out on any situation and try to see things from his point of view. You can also ask for your child’s views in small matters concerning the house. That way, he is more likely to obey you and understand the reason behind your decisions, and will even value your opinion.


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