How to get your Child to fall in Love with Reading?

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How to get your Child to fall in Love with Reading?

Bond over Books
Make reading time together a special time when you hold your kids and share the pleasure of a story without the distractions of TV or telephones. By far the most effective way to encourage your children to love books and reading is to read aloud to them, and the earlier you start, the better. A well-written children’s book is often as big a delight to you as it is to the kids. Once your child is big enough to read on his/her own encourage him/her to read to you some of the time. This shared enjoyment will continue to strengthen your children’s interest and appreciation.


Go beyond the Book
Finding book-inspired activities to do in real life extends the experience of reading the book. If your 4-year-old loves The Three Little Pigs, take him to see some piggies in person. Reading about the stars? Head to the planetarium. Or take a bookcation to London after reading Harry Potter, say, or New York City after reading Stuart Little. Show them the world of the book they love- in every sphere, films, locations, characters etc.


Have books around your home
Simply having books, magazines, and newspapers around your home will help your child to view them as part of daily life. Set an example by reading frequently and enjoying the book. It will reinforce that view in your child. While your child is still small, it’s a good idea to start a home library for them, even if it’s just a shelf or two. Be sure to keep some books for little children to handle freely.


Pick books that your child will enjoy

When you are reading together, chose a book that your child will enjoy. If the book seems dull or boring, pick another one. You mustn’t stick to a book your child finds uninteresting because that would lead him/her to associate reading with boring and that is the last thing you would want. Get out to browse books and make a day of it. There’s nothing like just browsing through the many books available at your library until you find one that appeals to your child.

Reread the same books to your child
Books are important as they advance early language development. At first, kids notice the pictures; then they learn to turn the pages; then they realize the story is the same each time—all key pre-reading skills. Books with rhymes are especially beneficial as it helps with phonemic awareness—recognizing repetition and sounds. Children enjoy rhymes because they learn what comes next and can chime in.

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