The Modernity of Tradition – Arwachin Public School

The Modernity of Tradition – Arwachin Public School

The name, ‘Arwachin Public School’ is the representative of its relevance in the ‘present’, while it is also rooted in the cultural ethos of our past. The school believes in Vedic Tradition of teaching.  ‘All People Live in Happiness’ (“Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bavanthu”) is something that is inculcated in the students at a very young age.

Arwachin Public School’s educational curriculum is based on the latest developments across the globe, in that the school encourages the growth of knowledge among students, with the deep intent on bringing out the ‘creativity’ among children. The school does not believe in ’rote learning’ rather makes the students to explore the ‘sea of knowledge’ themselves to find the treasures hidden beneath it.  

We treat our students as an invaluable asset to the school as well as the nation. We do not implement any coercion while imparting knowledge.  Every child, in our opinion, should learn in his/her/their own way. There is no fixed one way of learning. There are differences among children and we find the best method by which knowledge can be transmitted to the children.  We offer experiential learning wherein the students will be free to learn and interact among themselves in various clubs and learn and teach at the same time.

We have a congenial atmosphere for children to spend their valuable time for education and other purposes like recreation, being in joy with their brethren. Arwachin Public School is fully air-conditioned for effective performance in learning.  Our teachers are very kind to the kids so that they feel at home though they are away from home. Arwachin Public School is a temple of learning for children and provides ample opportunities to explore their ‘personality’ for their life now and beyond the school days.  

Teachers at Arwachin Public School implement appropriate teaching methodology, according to the circumstances. ‘Caning’ is strictly prohibited in our school. We encourage our students to share their ‘difficulty’ in learning in a free manner so that the teacher can personally explain it in a way more understandable to the child. We have qualified teachers in our school and they possess unique skills and subject knowledge to address the difficulty of students.  Our teachers are also good mentors to the children since we pair less than 20 students to one teacher. We follow a no cell phone policy which applies to both the students and the staff.

Arwachin Public School trusts that ‘science’ and ‘religious beliefs’ can co-exist. The ‘past’ is a guide to the future and that ‘future’ cannot be bereft of its past.  We have had a glorious past to boast of, in that our country is the first to find the value for ‘Zero’ and other significant achievements in several fields like astronomy, medicine etc. Arwachin Public School links this ‘glorious past’ with the ‘present’  so that the students are benefited with the profound knowledge of East, as well as the spirit of enquiry of the West. We have the appropriate blend of this knowledge, in our school curriculum.

We involve parents in the process of education.  We have an open interaction with the parents and they are free to put forth their views.  We are proud to state that we make the best use of information technology for interaction with the parents and also with children for education purposes.  The parents can communicate with the school any time using our online ERP platform. Arwachin Public School is one of the first Paperless Schools in Delhi, where all our communication with our parents and students – like homework assignments, bills are all sent and received via the internet. Safety is a major concern in Delhi, so we provide commutes with Visual and GPS tracking and speed control monitors.

Albert Einstein was a ‘child’ before becoming a Great Scientist.  We have several budding Einstein’s in our school – Come make your child a part of the Arwachin Family. All knowledge remains ‘unknown’ till discovered, through ingenious human effort. Conforming to this philosophy, we help our children to ‘unravel’ the mystery of the ‘universe’  by cultivating the ‘spirit of enquiry’ in them.

Arwachin Public School is a forerunner in almost every modern aspect, we haven’t let go of our roots. While teaching our children, we let them ask questions. This form of education was the way of life in the Vedic period, and they resulted in greatest minds – Chanakya and Aryabhatta. We aspire to create not just graduates, but wanderers, thinkers, poets, scientists and mathematicians, one more focused than the other.

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