5 After-School Activities for your Kids

5 After-School Activities for your Kids

When we think about our time at school we are overwhelmed with nostalgia. Being with your friends the whole day, surrounded by knowledge and the drive for a better tomorrow school was about much more than just getting a good education.

The after-school activities would excite us every day that we wait for the school bell to ring. Beyond this overwhelming elation, know the fact that after-school activities also promote good health.

Considering this, parents tend to spend a lot of time in looking for the best and relaxing after-school activity for their children. Here is a list that can save your time!

After-school sports and games

Watch your child’s sports interest carefully. Support them to achieve their goals and do everything you can to ensure that their talent is not wasted

Sports and games can improve a lot of non-academic skills among children, open the doors to sports activities for your kid. A cricket coaching, a soccer or a basketball game can work on your kid’s teamwork attitude. If your child loves to be indoors, don’t worry. Playing chess also has a lot of benefits in your memory like improving concentration and logical thinking, developed the skill to do the math and kindles creativity.

A sport that can save lives, a sport that is good for all your body systems! Guess which one? It’s Swimming! Swimming can strengthen the muscles, reduce weight, increase lung capacity and work on mental health. Apart from these benefits, swimming can help your child be comfortable in the water.

Do check your children’s interest before getting them onboard for any sports.

Building blocks and Jigsaw puzzles

Does your kid have a short attention span? Fret Not!

It is always not necessary to get them into an after-school activity to increase the child’s memory and concentration. Building blocks and jigsaw puzzle activity at home are the best gifts to develop your children’s attention.

Building blocks and jigsaw puzzles can improve their focus, thinking capacity and problem-solving skills.


Discover the Chef in Your Kid

Cooking is an art. It makes anybody happy who does it.

Beat the conventional method of passing the after-school hours for kids. Introduce them to simple cooking activities. Slicing a cucumber, dicing a potato, squeezing a lemon for juice, grating carrots and coconut, making salad and Sandwiches and so on. Let them also join moms in discovering new recipes in the kitchen.

Besides fun, cooking can develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It can also help in the early introduction of math and science to your children.


Art and Craft

While sports can guarantee fun and physical health benefits, art and craft is known to improve mental health. Unleash the creator in every child by exposing them to art and craft activities after their school hours.

Scientifically speaking, art and craft are known for motor coordination, observation and self-regulatory skills development in preschoolers. It also helps them work on their creativity.


Dance and Music Classes

Dance and music are said to have lots of benefits to your body. While dance is subjected to improving physical health, music can work on mental health.

Dance can improve flexibility and the posture of your body. It is on the highly preferred after-school activity list for most parents for promoting the cardiovascular health of their children. It also increases physical strength and stamina.

Music has the greatest power to bring mental stability. It induces peace to the hearer as well as the singer or composer. It has the ability to improve concentration in toddlers. Playing musical instruments have good influences on hand-eye coordination.

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