5 Things to Avoid During your Child’s Admission Interview

5 Things to Avoid During your Child’s Admission Interview

Admission interviews are one of the most dreaded things that any parent must go through. Considering the amount of competition and race to get your kid admitted to one of the best schools there is, the parents might as well attend school and classes once again! Enough movies, memes and jokes have been made about how parents must wait outside the school’s admission building in a queue that is long enough to reach the state’s border! Maybe the admission scenario has become a rivalry these days but there are very basic etiquettes to be followed to crack the admission interviews for your kids.

Keep 5 simple things in mind before you enter the interview room to get through it in a breeze and avoid the awkward silence and the painful rejection.


  • Money and Status are Big Turn Downs:

No matter how hefty your bank balance is, the school administration does not care about the size of your wallet. Sure, it is a category to see if the kid will be able to afford the education but not in the way that you expect. Private schools concentrate on your child’s skills and ability to fit in. Don’t try and talk your way through with money and influence after a rejection making you sound desperate and unprofessional.


  • Be Gracious and Less Demanding:

Your kid might be your prince or princess but don’t forget that all kids are treated equally in a school setting. If you can’t be courteous and kind do not expect your kid to make it through the process. Don’t be the demanding parent even though you think your child fell through the stars from the sky, asking for special treatment at school is not okay. It will hurt your kid’s chances of having a successful admission.


  • Always Be Early but Never Late:

Punctuality is not just for your children. It is a quality that must be inculcated in everyone. Especially during an admission interview, never be late. Try and be on time or better off a little early. Don’t walk in late and make it even worse by coming up with excuses. If you do get caught in an unavoidable situation have the courtesy to call and inform beforehand, apologize on arrival for the inconvenience caused by you or reschedule if you can’t make it.


  • Don’t Play the Number Game:

You might have made a list of the best schools based on their rankings that you found from the Google search that you did. But do not mention it in any part of your conversation during the admission interview. It will showcase you in a negative light and will irk the admission authorities. Stop making comparisons in the air and taking a condescending tone. Be civil and genuine about your choices and what you are looking for from the school.


  • Avoid Being Over Friendly:

If you feel like the interview went well and you have a chance of getting through, it is okay to be excited but don’t overdo it. Try to stay curt, gracious and well-mannered about the fact. Professional behaviour is always appreciated. Don’t ruin it by getting over friendly or familiar with the admission authorities. Thank them with a polite handshake and leave with an acknowledgement.

Admissions can be demanding but, in the end, it is a very simple process if you keep these tips in mind. Arwachin Public School’s admissions are open throughout the year, visit us to glide through our easy admission process and secure your kid’s future.

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