Why Arwachin is One among the Eco-friendly Schools of India?

Environmental issues like deforestation, pollution, acid rain and landslides have taken their places in our science books for several years. It doesn’t stop there. Schools teach students about the environmental hazards but fail to practice them. We have to accept the fact that not all schools practice what they teach. A few schools in India do that. Arwachin Public School in Ghaziabad is one among the eco friendly schools of India. The school teaches to be eco-friendly and also brings certain environment conservation measures to practice.


Get to know a few things behind the eco-friendliness of Arwachin Public School!


#1 Arwachin Public School – The Paperless Society

Stopping the unnecessary usage of papers can contribute a little to saving trees. Arwachin Public School has brought this into action by effective measures. The school has digitalised the modes of payments and bills. The communication with parents is also made paperless at Arwachin. An online ERP is being used by the school for attendance and homework updates.


This method will help the children know the importance of trees. They will also understand that papers are precious and should be used properly.


#2 Arwachin – The Solar Powered School

Conservation of natural resources has also been our prime concern for a few decades. Man woke up from the dream of enjoying natural resources lavishly since the science news has started to alarm us saying, ‘Pollution is depleting natural resources day by day’’. Solar power minimises the utility of various environmental resources. Arwachin Public School proves its eco-friendliness by having a completely solar powered campus. It will also help children to learn the importance of natural resources and solar power.


#3 Arwachin Eco Club – For the environment

The school promotes conservation of the environment through an internal club called Arwachin eco club. The club conducts several activities on a few national and international days that pay importance to save nature and environment from depletion. As a part of the club activity, the school plants saplings and trees, conducts programs and events on the World Environment day and Van Mahotsav day.


#4 Van Mahotasav – The Trees Day

Arwachin Public School never misses this day for trees for the past fifty years. The school donates air purifier plants to the nearby society every year on the Van Mahotsav day. The primary cause for this movement is ‘Practice what you teach’ . The school has taken environmental issues serious by putting the conservation measures into action.


#5 Arwachin – The Green School

To give a pleasant atmosphere for the children inside the school premises, Arwachin has made its campus look green. The school campus is breezy with lots of trees and plants. The plant varieties include air purifying plants predominantly. Thus, the school is playing its role in Delhi’s pollution control which is a lively moment.


‘Practice before you preach’. Mahatma Gandhi had a strong belief in this saying which he implemented in his life. It is easy for anyone to preach but the practice part is questionable. Beyond shadows of doubts, Arwachin Public School in Ghaziabad is one of the Eco-friendly schools in India.

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