Sharing, Caring and Giving this Diwali 2018

Sharing, Caring and Giving this Diwali 2018

The thundering bombs, sparkling fireworks, whistling rockets, varieties of sweets, flamboyant dresses, exchanging sweets and greetings with your family and friends! Diwali is the same every year! The sharing and caring can be given a new definition too. Check out how Arwachin Public School wants parents and elders to practice Diwali celebration in a different manner such that children learn about the real sharing and caring from them.


Share and Care with Domestic Helpers

Indian moms freak out if the domestic helpers take off on the day of Diwali. It is not that they are ignorant about the domestic helpers celebrating Diwali. Our mothers are really in need of their support during the festival days. For the selfless support they extend to us and the society, let’s give a twist to this usual tale.  


Sharing the Diwali sweets and crackers with domestic helpers will throw a smile on their face. Fire the crackers along with your maid’s children. It will bring abundant joy to both of you. It is ‘Diwali’ not only for us but also for the people who are being our support systems through our daily walks of life. Let your minds spread its wings in sharing and caring for them on this auspicious day. Elders can teach this to the children so that they cultivate the habit of sharing and caring at a very young age. Arwachin Public School emphasizes the same to their students.


This Makes Them Smile

Take a step out of your house on this day, you can find taxis and public transports running smoothly. Are you taking a taxi on this day, share a Diwali confection with a taxi driver, it makes him smile. Watching the traffic police sweat all day? Greet him with a sweet to see him smile. There are also certain things which you can do on this day beyond the sweet exchange. The road cleaner might kill her Diwali sweeping the cracker debris. Make her smile appreciating her service to the society. Your local shopkeeper won’t close the shutters today. Thank him for being a part of your daily support system. Your milkman needs some cheer today; your doctor who works today needs an appreciation; you are indebted to thank the policemen who work today. You are not too late to thank and greet all of them. Make Diwali an opportunity to share the happiness and care them for their contribution to your daily life.  Schools like Arwachin are observing festival celebrations differently by thanking the social workers and holding celebrations with them. This is to give a new definition to the festive element which is sharing and caring ultimately.


A Visit to Old Age Homes and Orphanage

Some know the long distance presence of their family and friends and some don’t. We have families and friends with us but they don’t. If you wish to have a joyous Diwali this year than ever, visit an old age home or an orphanage. Celebrating Diwali with them brings a sort of contentment to hearts. All you need is some sweets and fireworks to share the sweet moments of the day with them, taking their lonely darkness away throwing colourful lights on this special day. Parents can take their kids to such places on this day to disclose the real joy of lives instead of taking them to the cliched malls and amusement parks.  A day with such people who long for love and care is priceless for both. Children understand the real purpose of sharing and caring through these kinds of heart-filled activities.


Arwachin Public School aims at teaching such things to children. They want to give the future the responsible and noble citizens who understand the true value of relationships that share and care.

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