How to make your school more Eco-Friendly?

How to make your school more Eco-Friendly?

It is said that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but no one talks about the dissipation of energy. Planet earth has a very limited reserve of coal and oil, it’s not new news that non-renewable energy resources are depleting at an alarmingly fast rate. We’re not only depleting them but also causing mass pollution by burning coal and oil-based fuels. Everyone has a responsibility, everyone has an important role to play. Catch them young and watch them grow, let’s get together and make our schools more green, clean and sustainable.


  • Transport:
    Encourage the use of public transport as much as possible, maximize the use of buses, metros, transit shuttles. You can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and reduce harmful emissions by organizing carpools, cycling, and walking groups.
  • Environmental Club:
    Set up an environmental club at your school. Use the club to create awareness about the use of renewable versus non-renewable sources of energy. Start recycling drives and compost making programs. Learn how to grow organic food. Plant trees in the local community, hold events and fundraisers to educate people about what mother earth is going through.

  • Unplug the Static:
    Make sure you unplug all your electronic devices when they are not in use. It has been proven that devices continue using electricity when they’re plugged in and not switched on. If your AC power points are inconvenient and hard to get to, get a power strip to make unplugging easy.
  • Reduce Paper:
    More paper means lesser trees. Reduce paper usage and help save trees. The last decade has seen the advent of paperless, smart e-classrooms. It is understandable that some things are needed on paper, but we should try to minimize that as much as possible. Everything from calendars to course books is now available electronically.

  • Power Grid:
    Involving your parents and teachers, try to derive a part of your school’s power using renewable energy like solar, wind or geothermal. The renewable energy products are becoming more inexpensive by the day considering a huge increase in their mass production. Tesla and Elon Musk are changing the face of how renewable energy is looked at.
  • Apps That Keep Track:
    There are a plethora of Android and iPhone apps that let you keep track of your environmental journey. Ecoviate is an app which seems to be making a difference, every time it is downloaded Ecoviate plants a tree.

Help spread the word and educate your local community about how every little step is crucial for saving our mother earth. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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