Make Diwali a Festival of Love and Laughter

Make Diwali a Festival of Love and Laughter

When you say Diwali, you can hear crackers bursting. It is the most exciting time of the year, with holidays at school, this is a time of fun and frolic. But, why not make this festival of lights, a festival of love?
We tell you just how to go about it.

Make it the festival of love


Celebrate with family and friends


In today’s bustling world, nobody has time for another person. This has become an era where parents have to fix appointments to meet their children. The kids of this generation seem to have lost out on many aspects of a normal life. Hence, celebrate this occasion in a way that imprints a lasting memory in your kid’s brain.


Take them to meet their grandparents or other relatives they haven’t seen in a while, have a lovely meal with them. Get the blessings of elders and teach your kids how important that is. Light lamps and pray for their well-being. Spread happiness to another person by giving them your ear, listen to their stories and make them feel loved.


Meet friends you haven’t met for a long time. Catch up on their world. Give them memorable gifts. Take a million pictures with them to remember this day.


So, take this time off, go visit people you love and make the occasion a memorable one.


A day with the needy

There are people who feel left out even on this special day. They deserve your love the most. Visit orphanages and old-age homes, make a difference in their mundane lives, at least for a day. That smile and laughter on their faces for sure will make your Diwali meaningful.

Make it a pollution-free Diwali

Last year after the Diwali day, Delhi and other parts of this country had a hard time gasping for fresh air. The pollution levels raised to an alarming level, despite the Supreme Court ban on crackers.

This year, let us make a responsible choice by avoiding firecrackers and rather lighting lamps and celebrate this festival in a mellow manner. Lamps cause no harm and bring a sense of divinity in the house.  Take an oath to make some environmental-friendly changes this Diwali.


This could bring down the already prevalent pollution level. We burst crackers just for the fun of it, not understanding the harmful side-effects. If pollution levels keep increasing this way, it will not take long for people to start walking around the streets hanging oxygen cylinders on their backs.

The noise due to crackers give the strays and birds a tough time. They get extremely scared and have no place to curl up. Avoid giving them a hard time,  if you can, go out and feed the strays. They will be forever grateful. Make it a safe and happy Diwali for them also.


Arwachin and Diwali


At Arwachin Public School, we teach our students to be responsible citizens of this country on a daily basis.  That is what we are teaching them this Diwali also. We take pollution seriously and so do our kids. We have taught them to celebrate this occasion without causing any harm to our surroundings.  


We have made it clear to the students that bursting crackers can only bring a guilty pleasure but acting wisely and avoiding such practices can help us in the years to come.

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