Why Field Trips Play an Important Role in Children’s Growth and Development?

Why Field Trips Play an Important Role in Children’s Growth and Development?

Children are like the uncut diamonds. They just shape up the way you cut them. It is never easy to cut a diamond the right way. It all lies in the hands of the craftsmen to shape it up the right way.  In a child’s case, the craftsmen are parents and teachers. Let us take a peek into how a field trip can act as a tool to cut the diamonds.


Elaborate Memories


Every field trip experience a child goes through they get sweet memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. Memories are something that cannot be gained only through classroom education. Every time a child is enquired about their field trip they just explode into happiness and excitement. Imagine how much positivity surrounds them when they are into such happiness and excitement.


Boosts their Brain Growth


It is a proven fact that a child’s surroundings boost their brain growth. They derive everything from their surroundings and every detail they experience is imparted in their brain. It helps build the psychological basement for a child to construct their future skyscrapers.


Inspirations All Over


During field trips, they get exposed to a lot of people. People inspire a young mind to become something they always wanted to be. Bet it a policeman man or a zookeeper everybody inspires them in a unique way. Inspiration is like a steroid to a young mind. Some might not be as impactful as the others but even if you are able to sow a seed in a budding mind it is a success.


Career Paths


Inspiration is a boost on your way to goal but sometimes inspirations decide your goal and career. A child gets to meet a whole new set of people on field trips which gives them great exposure to the outside world other than their teachers and friends. These new people may act as a lighthouse for their future explorations and help them decide their careers at times.


Ride Down the History Lane


Field trips give a roller coaster ride along the history. Every time a child goes on a field trip to a new place they get curious about the history beneath that place. It not only makes them aware of the cultural heritage but also makes a bit more respectful on the past.


Critical Thinking


An educational field trip stimulates the critical thinking of a child. They get to ask questions on a lot of things but they might not get the answer to all those questions. But still, they sometimes create their own answers and amaze us with their angle on that question. All these things cannot be stuffed upon a child in a controlled classroom environment.


Building Relationships


Relationship building from a young age is an interesting social skill. A child can never be taught how to build relationships, they can only be taught how to behave with people. Getting to mix in with a lot of classmates who do not get to interact much in classroom environment builds a sense of community around the child. Not only between students but also teachers get to know their children better when on an informal field trip. They get to see the real heart behind the brain that they get to see in a classroom.


Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. These field trips make them realize about the outside world in a much more fun-filled way. These experiences shape them up to be a well-chiselled citizen to their country and make them proud. Every child needs models than critics. We at Arwachin try to be a model to every child and hold their hands throughout their journey. Enrol kids today at Arwachin Public School. Check https://arwachinkids.com/admission/ to apply online today.


Children are great imitators let us try and give them some great things to imitate!

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