5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Outdoor Learning

5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Outdoor Learning


  • School days are memorable, aren’t they? Going outside to play in the garden during lunch break, and walking and exploring vivid coloured flora used to give a different kind of satisfaction. Using all our senses to observe and feel nature is extremely fulfilling and crucial academically and in life in general. Students, who haven’t got the experience of learning outdoors, are missing out on innumerable opportunities to broaden their thought process and excel academically. While boredom is the result of the traditional indoor learning system, it has become increasingly important to search out innovative ways so that the kids remain focused.

  • Benefits of Outdoor Learning:-
  1.                  Boosts Confidence– Space, freedom and time that the school provides help children grow and builds their confidence. Moreover, it allows each individual to show a level of independence at their own rate. Activities which includes sharing tools and participating in teamwork encourages them to understand every person and strengthen their bond with their peers.
  •                  Problem Solving– Learning is not about the monotonous schedule with tests, cramming and right or wrong answers. Students are required to learn critical thinking skills so that they help society solve issues in which opinion and good implementation matter. While discussing environmental problems students must be encouraged to be responsible citizens and come up with different viewpoints and debate on several issues such as global warming, pollution, deforestation, etc. Such experiences make them independent, responsible and great decision makers, who will be able to tackle real-life problems later in life as well.

  •                  Sharpens Memory– Staying indoors day in and day out doesn’t excite the mind of children to do or think something new. On the other hand, taking a class outside creates a new environment for them to unlock their brain and grasp the information easily that is being shared with them.
  •                  Enhances Communication Skills– Peer to peer interaction helps boost communication skills as there is brainstorming, teamwork, and discussions. It also has a positive effect on a child’s self-esteem as it makes them feel a part of the group. Furthermore, it triggers interest in them and hence enhances their attention span, concentration power and they don’t hesitate from participating.
  •                  Physically and Mentally Active– Increase in outdoor activity has a positive impact on physical and mental health of the kids. It not only boosts their stamina and combats lethargy, but also helps them develop respect for nature and their environment. Outdoor learning is educational and fun at the same time, as it allows them to explore, discover and gain understanding without books.

  • As we have become more desk-bound in every phase of life, it is important to seek creative ways to learn. We, at Arwachin Public School, understand the requirement to stop and look in this fast-paced and dynamic life. When teaching outdoors, we are emphasizing to the children that the possibilities and opportunities in this world are endless. Moreover, we are highly aware of the security of children. Find out more about us at
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