More than 60% of the individuals above 16 years of age have a profile on social networking site, according to a report. Along with the rise in personal use, teachers are using social media to empower learning and cooperation amongst students in the class. As acknowledged by the education specialists, the popularity of social media as a tool or medium can be valuable in education if used well.

Social media has innumerable benefits such as:-

  1. Enhance classroom activities-  Teachers can use social networking for students to connect, and collaborate on a deeper level. Social networking helps socially anxious and introvert students a better way to communicate with their classmates and enhance their relationships with them. So, they won’t hesitate to talk or discuss their problems.
  2. Outside of the classroom learning-  Students are reliable on networking sites to access answers to their queries more than the word of mouth. There can be an official posting of assignments and projects on social media so that everybody is informed. Moreover, students spend time after school hours and on weekends to study. There can be brainstorming of ideas which are essential in enhanced thinking and creative skills.

  1. Networking and Updates- Using Twitter for reminders such as upcoming exams, important assignments or projects can be really beneficial to keep the students updated for tests or timely submission before the due dates. Moreover, creating a profile on LinkedIn helps to create better connections for future careers. Even Facebook provides lessons in networking and professional communication.
  2.         Parent involvement-  Use of social networks help connect with parents with whom it seems difficult to connect because of various reasons. It gives them the opportunity to track their kid’s performance in the classroom and keep them informed through every step of a student’s performance in each subject. Furthermore, parents stay aware and updated about the current events happening in school.


  1. Attention to written text and reading – Kids and teens are reluctant to study and parents forcibly make them read or write.  Hence, killing their desire to learn. Therefore, one positive side of using social media in education is that students are ready to devote all their time and efforts to grasp all kind of information such as messages, news, articles etc without being forced to do so.


Social networking plays an important role in a student’s life as it gets convenient for them to gain knowledge and communicate by collaborating with other students and teachers. It can be a good servant but not a good master. Therefore, utilizing social media in an appropriate manner can be an opportunity and an asset for future career perspective. It bridges the gap between student and teachers, and teachers and parents, making it easier for them to have a conversation.

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