Importance Of STEM

Importance Of STEM

In the 21st century, rapidly changing technology and development in every sector is changing the pace of life. Through all the benefits and challenges of globalization, a student has to smartly move ahead to succeed in this new information-based society. After the extensive research, STEM has been carefully introduced by schools and colleges to go beyond the older techniques and provide tailor-made solutions to the new age students.


What is STEM?


STEM is a syllabus based on the idea of focusing heavily on four different disciplines- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics- in an integrative and applied approach from preschool through college, depending upon region to region. Instead of teaching four subjects as separate and distinct, STEM blends them into a learning based on real-life applications, so that aspects of one subject are applied to the others as well. Therefore, it emphasizes more on finding a solution to real-life problems by concentrating on project-based culture.




  1. Classes in Science– While thinking about science, familiar subjects like- physics, chemistry, and biology come to our mind.  But STEM science consolidates technology, engineering, and mathematics into scientific studies and make it more understandable.


  1. Classes in Technology–  Technology is much more than playing games on the computer. It includes topics such as machine learning, game development, digital modelling and prototyping, 3D printing, mobile technology, computer programming, data analytics, and game development.  
  2. Classes in Engineering– The field and scope of engineering have grown, These classes might include topics such as civil engineering, electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and robotics- topics many parents could not have imagined learning as early as elementary school.


  1. Classes in Mathematics–  Like science, mathematics in STEM category will sound familiar, such as algebra and calculus. STEM maths is different in two ways from the traditional mathematics family- first, kids are learning more advanced mathematics at such a younger age with introductory algebra, geometry, and calculus. Second, it resembles traditional mathematics.

Benefits of STEM


Apparently, STEM has a bigger picture of the impact it is going to make, as:


  1. It is an update to the education system to match up with the development of technology and dynamic innovation in every field.

It is a long-overdue update to our overall education system intended to bring kids up to speed on the skills and knowledge most relevant in today’s society.


  1. Stem initiates focussing on the marginalized population. They aim at encouraging females and minorities who need support too and are less likely to pursue further studies. Although there is a very thin line between male students opting for the technology field and females pursuing biology, their gap is widening.


  1. The STEM approach changes our perspective towards learning in the same direction and opens up our mind towards making it fun and interesting, rather than boring a monotonous. Hence, making it an effective tool as its emphasis on making a child practical and functional in the early stages of life. Moreover, it is pointed at closely associating related concepts in a way that makes broader sense. The brilliant combination of the practical and theoretical knowledge prepares the student to cope with the challenges of the increasingly demanding world, the one in which science and technology are existent and advancing continuously. In this way, students learn to think out of the box and innovate creatively.



STEM is rightly known as experiential learning, as it is very hands-on and skill based. Students are extensively taught skills in such a manner that they can use them throughout their career. STEM can also be customized to suit a child’s abilities and educational level and enhance their interest. And therefore helps with their problem-solving skills, critical thinking and their engagement in the subjects. Interestingly, this can be customized according to the student, whether he is academically proficient or not. Therefore, irrespective of their potential children can be successful through this system of learning.



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