School Infrastructure As Required By The CBSE

School Infrastructure As Required By The CBSE

For children to blossom, it takes space and time. It is imperative that the school your children go to is conducive of a progressive environment. For a child to thrive, the school should be spacious, it should be well equipped, safe and prepared for all contingencies.

CBSE or the Central Board Of Secondary Education is known to give out guidelines and instructions for the schedule, the curriculum and for the students. But did you know that they’re also responsible for guiding the basic land and infrastructure requirements of a school? We’re going to describe some basic guidelines laid out by the CBSE.


The land area needed for starting a CBSE affiliated school is 1.9 acres or approximately 8000 square meters. Schools having up to 1.4 acres or 4000 square meters may be affiliated to CBSE provided a cap on the number of students and the number of sections is met with in accordance to the given guidelines. There are many more regional guidelines and nuances where there may be relaxations and restrictions to know more you should visit the CBSE website. The school should be secured with a permanent boundary wall.


The number of students must not exceed 40 students per classroom. The dimensions for a classroom should be 8m by 6m. Laboratories should be a minimum 9m by 6m. The library should be 14m by 8m. The computer lab must have a student to computer ratio of 20 to 1. According to CBSE there ideally should be separate rooms for music, dance, art, and sports or a spacious multipurpose hall to accommodate all these extracurricular activities. The idea here is to give every student at least 1 sq meter of space. The playground should be big enough to accommodate for a 200 meters track. There should be adequate signals and aids for students with special needs. There should be sanitary, healthy and hygienic toilets on all floors. The toilets should be separately provided for boys, girls and staff members. Portable clean drinking and washing water should be adequately provided.

We have broadly covered all the prerequisites needed for a school to be eligible by the CBSE. Although there are many more legal nuances that are involved. In all cases, the land and school infrastructure specifications of the CBSE must be adhered to. We at Arwachin have made sure that we abide by all the latest CBSE guidelines when it comes to the campus, the curriculum or the instructions for the students. To know more

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