The Importance Of Sports In School

The Importance Of Sports In School

We have said this time and again and we reiterate it yet again, the only way to approach the development of children is in a holistic manner. This entails that the child should have grow-up in an overall wholesome way. Not only in school, but also at home and in other environments. Children by default are gullible and need to be treated with love, care, and patience. It is imperative that the child is guided in the right direction but not forced into it. In order for children to be the best potential human beings when they grow up it significant that they develop all their faculties. These include mental, psychological and physical faculties. Social, scientific, and art education play a key role in the development of their mental and psychological selves, but sports and fitness play a key role in the development of their corporal self. This part of a child is responsible for motor functions like speed, strength, agility, speed, flexibility, and cognition. These qualities will also affect the mental and psychological aspects of a child’s mind and vice versa.


School’s Role:

School plays an important role when it comes to the development of a child’s physical faculty. Schools should provide supervised as well as unsupervised sports in the student’s time table. Where supervised (coach) time will hone and polish the students grasp over techniques and other nuances over sports, unsupervised time will allow the children time and space to blossom into their own and develop their own tastes and stylistic approach. The mixing of these two types of sports will allow the flow of creativity while constantly pushing the bar up and conditioning the child’s physical body.

Government’s Policy:

In an effort to increase the exposure of sports to students, the central government has sent a notice to be circulated among CBSE affiliated schools under their ‘Health & Physical Education Programme’. This notice states that it is mandatory for the school to provide the students with at least one game and sports period per day. The master blaster of cricket, Mr Sachin Tendulkar has also written to the chairperson of the CBSE to appreciate it’s initiative to accommodate more space for sports activities.


The times they are a changing, now educationists and the government have finally come to a consensus where they both realize and agree on the importance of ‘games and sports’ in a students life and their wholesome development. Sports also imbibe the values of leadership, teamwork, equality, healthy competition, and fairness. We at Arwachin believe and support in the holistic development of our students so they can grow up to ideal human beings. To know more about our policies and infrastructure visit us at

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