Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Teacher

Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Teacher

A child is like clay, waiting to be moulded, to be given shape, to be forged in the fires of life and to be into the person that they’ll become. They’re like an empty canvas waiting to be and come to life. The importance of the role of an educator or teacher cannot be reinforced enough. They are responsible for shaping a child’s personality, character and eventually guiding them to be the man that they’re meant to be. Here are a few traits by which you can identify a good educator.

  1. Develop A Bond With The Child:
    The most common trait is that an incredible teacher creates long-lasting bonds with students. Teachers should have the capacity to construct trusting relationships with pupils so as to establish a safe, positive, and productive learning environment. It is essential that the child trust the teacher so much that they can let their guard down and be able to express all their feelings in a very transparent way.

  2. Kind Personality:
    Identity traits associated with being a compassionate individual and holding sensitivity towards students. Teachers should be passionate and extroverted to be able to better understand and communicate with the students. The teacher needs to be patient and be able to understand the students perspective. 
  3. Dedicated to Teaching:
    Dedication means an affection for teaching or enthusiasm for the work, which incorporates a commitment to student’s success. Reactions frequently alluded to adoring the topic or essentially being devoted to the work is the desired quality.

  4. Engaging Students:
    Teachers ought to have the capacity to connect with the students. Psychological, enthusiastic, and social engagements can happen in many different levels. Making the content intriguing and the capacity to rouse students is a highly desired skill. Now a day a teacher should is also expected to employ modern means of engagements like computer-aided-interactive-games, make use of the smart class. Impart knowledge the student can relate to at a personal level.

Knowledge Of Learners:
This is a general class that fuses information of the intellectual, social and passionate improvement of students. It incorporates a comprehension of how students learn at a given formative dimension; how learning in a particular branch of knowledge regularly advances like learning movements or directions; mindfulness that students have singular needs and capacities; and an understanding that guidance ought to be subjectively imparted to address every student’s issues.

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