8 Quirky but Effective Ways to Prepare for your Exams

8 Quirky but Effective Ways to Prepare for your Exams

Everyone has their own different ways to prepare for exams. The problem arises when your usual ways don’t help you out anymore. When all else fails, it’s time to bring in reinforcements! We are here with these 10 quirky but effective tips that can help you prepare yourself better for the dreaded exams!

Study when you are Sleepy

We know that it sounds odd but your brain reinforces new memories during sleep. The chances of recollection increase dramatically when you study while you’re sleepy. Before you go to bed, try studying for a while and it will be more likely for you to remember what you studied.

Study on the Move

Ever wonder why you sometimes feel like dozing off in between classes and as soon as you leave your desk your mind seems more receptive and sharp? Staying in one position or place for a long period of time can make you physically and mentally lazy. Try reading and thinking on the move. A change of scenery can really help you out as well as it’ll give your mind a more easy environment.

Record Yourself

Instead of just reading and writing why don’t you try to exercise your hearing as well? Repetition is an important key in memorising anything or absorbing any kind of knowledge. Recording yourself while studying will make sure you read your material and you can repeatedly hear yourself which helps you absorb more information.

Make Technology your Study Buddy

In today’s world, children know technology like the back of their hands. When you can use technology for fun and interaction, why not use it for something as important as exams? Try using technology to help you visualize your syllabus. Digital flashcards, study apps and making PowerPoint presentations instead of a study guide can help you a lot.

Treat Yourself

It can be chocolate, 10 minutes of social media or television or maybe a walk, the choice is up to you. When you have something to look forward to, you will tend to become more dedicated to finishing that task. No cheating though!

Take a Cold Shower

When you have no desire to be productive and studies feel monotonous and boring, try taking a cold shower. Studies show that just taking a cold shower can increase positive thinking, productivity, engagement and ultimately better performance.

Own the Omegas

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids improve your memory. Found in fish, nuts or olive oil they are known to boost your brain function. Consumption of these before an exam can help in reducing stress and anxiety.

Awaken your Creative Side

Now, this is a fun way to memorise your syllabus and has been proven to be super effective. All you have to do is try to turn your syllabus into a story or maybe a song. Use acronyms and metaphors to make it sound interesting. The more absurd, the better! Funny tales and catchy songs tend to make quite an impression in our brains making information easy to recollect.

We know it’s hard to learn everything but we hope we were of help to you out a little. If you still think you could’ve done a better job in your exams, don’t get discouraged.  Exams are very important but they in no way determine your future, only you can do that! Study hard and we’re sure you’ll get where you want to in life! Wishing you all the very best of luck!

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