Kick off your School Year as a Success

Kick off your School Year as a Success

It’s time to get out of the vacation zone and dive right into work mode with the new scholastic year starting. Overwhelming isn’t it? As much as we love to lay back and relax, student life catches onto us and it’s time to step back into reality. Well, we’re here to help you through the transition. We have separated this into three parts:


  • Make a list: A list of the syllabus that you will be covering will prepare your mind for what’s to come ahead in the year. Read through the list, you don’t have to go through all of the syllabi. Maybe try to read through the initial chapters.

  • Set your Goals: Don’t set far fetched goals that are hard to achieve. Start with small goals and reward yourself whenever you complete them. Set your mind to set simple yet important goals so you can cover your syllabus with more ease. If you’re weak in a specific subject, decide in your mind to focus more on that subject.

  • Look Back: Review what you learned the previous year, it will only help you ahead of the year. Make yourself familiar with old concepts so you can apply them accurately.
  • Stay Positive: A positive attitude is not only good for you but also the people around you. Looking at the bright side helps you not become discouraged when something doesn’t go your way.  When you believe in yourself and your capabilities, you are more likely to achieve your goals.


  • Rest Up: A good night’s sleep is crucial for proper mind and body function. If you sleep early and wake up early, it sets a proper routine for your body that keeps your body fit and ready for school. Don’t fall asleep in your class due to lack of sleep and try to instil a proper sleep routine for yourself.

  • Fuel Up: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which a student should never skip. It gives you the energy to sit through classes without hunger or weakness distracting you from your studies.


  • Start a sleep schedule: Regular sleeping patterns lead to higher quality sleep. Establish a routine of preparation for sleep and a consistent schedule.

  • Make a Time Table: Set a time for studying. It will help you have a more organized studying pattern and inculcate a sense of responsibility and punctuality in you. Your schedule will likely vary somewhat from day to day, especially if you are involved in sports, clubs, or work.
  • Organize with colour: Colour coding comes in handy when you need to organize your homework, projects or any study material. It will help you understand and track your material better even making it look more interactive.

With the beginning of the school year, we at Arwachin Public School hope that all you students have a successful and fulfilling year ahead of you. Don’t be afraid to gain new experiences and give your 100 percent to your academics.

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