5 Benefits of Summer Camp

5 Benefits of Summer Camp

It’s time for some fun in the sun! With Summer vacation comes time for Summer Camp! Instead of letting your child sit and watch tv all day or just play outside, encourage your child to join a summer camp. It will not only be a fun way to spend the summer vacation but also an educational one. Here’s why your child should attend a Summer Camp:

Physical Fitness

Children nowadays have become so enamoured with technology that they hardly want to go out and play or do some physical activity. It can damage their appetite and health making their bones weak. Activities in the camp help them stay active and fit which in turn keeps them healthy.

Social Skills

Children learn to work and learn with each other in camps. It teaches them to accept and meet different types of people outside their comfort zone. It makes children understand the importance of teamwork.

Self-Confidence & Independence

Each activity has its own goals and tests. These activities teach the children to gain confidence by appreciating their wins and accepting their losses. It makes a child understand that failure is a part of life and experiencing failure and overcoming it is the key to success! Summer camp takes the pressure off for children to outperform other children, it’s only about their personal growth.

Availability Of Options

Summer Camp gives the children an opportunity to try something new and different that is out of their comfort zone. It gives them the liberty to try something without the pressure of sticking to it if they are not fond of it. It can arts, theatre or sports, the choices are endless. You never know, your child could discover his/her hidden talent.

Don’t Just Learn, Experience

What is a better way to understand something than experiencing it first hand? It helps the child develop life long skills and always remember what they were taught. It pushes a child’s limit to exceed in the activity without the pressure of academic excellence.  

Summer Camp is a great opportunity to explore new things or dive into areas you love. APS is always ahead to make the children utilize their summer vacation with a concept of experiential learning and providing them with a platform to nurture their talents and untended skills. To continue this trend and tradition, Arwachin Public School is organizing ‘Anubhav-2019’ for our school children and children from other schools from 13th May 2019 to 30th May 2019 with a fun packed bonanza. All the participants would be showcasing their learning at the “Grand Finale of Anubhav-2019 ” on 31st May 2019. The activities are planned for classes as the following:

Class LKG

  • Splash Pool
  • Art Attack
  • Storytelling or Moovin n Groovin (Dance)

Class I-III

  • Splash pool
  • Art attack
  • Moovin and Groovin( Dance)
  • Fireless Cooking
  • Taekwondo
  • Skating
  • Compu Wizard

Class IV- IX

  • Art attack
  • Movin and Groovin( Dance)
  • Fireless Cooking
  • Skating
  • Theatre
  • Public Speaking
  • Science Activities(Hands On)
  • Compu Wizard

So what are you waiting for? Let us all join and have great experiential learning.

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