Contribute to your Child’s Overall Growth

Contribute to your Child’s Overall Growth

All of us want the best for our children and raising your children right can be a tricky business. When it comes to parenting, it’s one hard job. Here are some tips to ensure your child’s overall development:

Revision is the Key

Take interest in what your child learns all day in school. This not only ensures that your child revises whatever he/she learns in school but also helps you understand your child’s grasping capabilities better. This is not the time to put any pressure on your child to strive for success but to practise what he/she needs the most help with.

Keep TV to a minimum

Being constantly exposed to the television or any form of a device like a phone or online gaming can limit your child’s interest in developing skills outside of school keeping the child occupied and not in a healthy manner. Monitor the time you allow your child to be indulged in watching tv and playing video games. Try to get your child involved in activities that encourage their physical as well as mental growth.

Plan Activities Together

It’s important for parents to take time out from their busy schedules and take their child for activities to do together. It can be a picnic, a trip to the zoo or museum or just a plain meal out. It’s important you spend time with your child as it helps them develop their social skills and helps inculcate the importance of family along with helping your child grow intellectually hence, contributing to healthy growth.

Let your Child Take Control

It’s important to observe how and what your child reads and understands. It helps you find new ways to teach them new things and helps you understand your child’s interests and hobbies. It helps them take responsibility for their own actions and gives them a chance of taking charge of situations. It also helps your child study not for results but for their own interest in learning something new and expanding their knowledge.

Don’t overdo the Activities

Though it’s important for a child to get involved in physical activities, don’t make your child participate in too many. It not takes away from all your child’s time but can also become too much pressure for him/her. Too many activities can give your child unwanted stress to constantly perform well in every field instead of helping them cultivate their co-curricular skills.

Take interest in what your Child Loves

A child looks up to his/her parents for guidance and support. Take notice of your child’s likes and dislikes. Notice if your child is an extrovert or shy. See if your child likes to play a sport or maybe has musical talent and help them explore their options.

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