Tips and Tricks to become A Math Wiz

Tips and Tricks to become A Math Wiz

Let’s face it! Mathematics is not one of our favourite subjects to understand or practise. Solving Maths problems is tough, complicated and downright frustrating at times. Strategy is the key to understanding his subject that all of us find so tough to deal with. You need all the help you can get with Mathematics and that’s what we’re here for! Here are some tips to hopefully improve your Maths skills :

Practise makes us Perfect

You might find some concepts of Mathematics fairly easy whereas some concepts can make you sit for hours without any progress. The key is to practise till you understand how to solve a particular topic. Don’t rush this process because it only leads to an incomplete understanding of the concept. Find new problems of the same kind to practise till you can answer them all correctly in a row. That’s when you can say that you have understood the concept completely.

Make Maths a Part of Your Life

Regularly exercising your brain to perform simple math problems keeps concepts fresh in your mind and helps you realise the use of maths in our day to day life. It can be as simple as calculating a discount percent on the clothes you just bought. Avoid using the calculator for such basic calculations to keep your mind pro maths and active. This helps you perform such calculations quickly saving you time when you need to like while writing an exam.

Explain and Question

You always understand something better when you try explaining it to someone else. Don’t think you’re only helping the other person, it’s helping you a lot too. The more you explain a concept or ask questions about your doubts, the more your understanding of it increases. If there is something that you don’t understand then your teacher or fellow student may be able to explain it to you. It’s a win-win situation!

Note Everything Carefully

Maths is one subject that you have to completely rely on your notes for. When solving a problem, note everything down without skipping even the simplest of steps. Students usually skip easy steps and then later regret it when they are revising since it’s hard to recollect what step was used at that time! This habit also comes in use while writing in exams since you only score marks according to the number of steps you use to solve the problem. This makes it easier for the teacher to understand how you tackled the problem and easier for you to score points.

Read and Review

Maths needs constant and active involvement in order to understand it completely. Try to read ahead of class and get a basic understanding of what is going to be covered in the class next. This helps you grasp concepts better and completely. Keep a habit to review what you learn in class afterwards. It’s very easy to forget a concept that is new in Maths so revision helps you tackle that problem.

We hope this article eased a little bit of your dread for Mathematics. Arwachin Public School understands the importance of overall child development and provides various extracurricular activities for students so they can reach their full potential. To know more about our Campus Facilities visit

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