How to be More Productive?

How to be More Productive?

Organise your study space

On most days this will feel like an additional task to your day. Though, it’s worth a try. Commit to cleaning and organising your study space before you sit for studying. It is often said that your physical surroundings impact your mental state and vice versa, so a clean and organised space to study will go a long way in facilitating your productivity.

Make to-do lists

Yes, you have heard this a million times before so maybe it’s time to give this advice a shot. Once you are studying it is understandably tempting to plunge right into the mound of work that you have to do, but resist. Taking a little bit of time at the start of your day to organise your list of tasks, categorize things according to their deadlines or importance, it will do an incredible lot to add to your productivity.

Multitask the right way

In these days of Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc, you are bound to feel like you are being pulled in different directions at the same time. This is why it becomes increasingly important to multitask better. If technology is the problem, it is also the solution. Get apps like EverNote, Wunderlist, Trello etc to help you be more productive. These also help in creating a practical time table for your study schedule.  

Take care of yourself

Lastly, be kind to yourself. Remember that you will be in school and studying for a large part of the day so you might as well make it fun and not let it drain you out. Study hard and dedicatedly for a while and then take short spurts of a break. Walk around, get away from your study desk, get yourself some juice drink and just restart your clock! Take that break, your studies will see the benefits of it.

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