Why Should We Read?

Why Should We Read?

Cultivating a habit for reading is not everyone’s cup of tea. This does not necessarily mean that you can’t gradually develop this habit.There are so many types of books available that we’re sure there will be more than a few that will strike your liking. When you are trying to make your child like reading, that is another challenge whatsoever. Here’s reasons why you should inculcate a habit of reading and how can you make your child enjoy reading.

Reasons Why You Should Read

  • Improving Vocabulary

Humans are curious beings that constantly question things. Books introduce you to new and unfamiliar words that peak your curiosity to know in turn improving your vocabulary.  

  • Enhancing Concentration

Reading needs patience as you have to sit for longer periods of time. Sometimes even if you read a paragraph or page you might not understand it completely so you’ll have to read again. This happens to the most avid of readers. Reading requires your utter concentration therefore enhancing it.

  • Imparting Knowledge

Whether it’s a story telling book or a novel, each story has its own personal setting and books are nothing if not descriptive. This gives the reader to learn so many new things and times of the world, the ocean of knowledge is endless.

  • Encouraging Imagination

Instead of working on your sense of eyesight, books stimulate your imagery in the mind. You are your own director and the author is the scriptwriter for you. This helps a child explore his/her creative side. You never know, you can be the next Jane Eyre or Charles Dickens.

How To Make Your Kid Like Reading

  • Let Them Make A Choice

Kids love being in charge of what they want to do. It’s okay to let your child choose the books that interest him/her. We know you want the best for your child but forcing your child to read specific books can damper his/ her spirit to read books.

  • Read the Right Books

Nothing is more discouraging than trying to read a book that is not for you. Make sure your child is reading a book that is of his/her reading level. Giving your child a book that is too challenging instantly takes the child’s interest in the book and discourages the child towards reading in general.

  • Use the Trap of Series

If you want to engage your child in reading, you can make them read a series of books. This peaks the curiosity of the child to follow up the book with another and follow their characters through more adventures. If your child is having difficulty in getting interested in the book, sit and read it with them. This helps them understand the book better and it is always easier to hear and understand than reading.

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