Boy or Girl? Does NOT Matter

Boy or Girl?  Does NOT Matter

“When I was a child, there were multiple occasions where I felt violated by someone but never spoke up because I was scared or I thought my parents would blame me for what happened.”

Many children feel this way when they are growing up and keep it shushed. Why? It’s quite simple to answer this. It’s hard to not come across judgement in the world, it’s a part of life but how can we reduce it? By teaching your child about gender sensitivity. How? That’s what we’re here for.

What is Gender Sensitivity?

In simple terms, Gender Sensitivity is behaviour that is against discrimination among genders by understanding and accepting the qualities and limitations of every gender. Whether you are a boy, girl or transgender it should NOT matter.  Knowledge about gender violence is no longer limited to just sexual abuse or inappropriate touching. Gender violence now includes all forms of violence perpetrated against a person of a particular gender with the intention to cause physical, mental, economic or sexual harm. 

Have you ever heard a boy hating the colour pink or a girl choosing barbies over cars? Kids are easily impressionable and what they see is what they absorb. You are in the driver’s seat for your child’s journey in life. 

More often than not, if a child sees a certain gender getting abused or shown as inferior, intentionally or unintentionally their mindset starts to conform to these ideas. 

Here’s what you can do to ensure your child is free from gender stereotypes:

No one is Special: It’s integral to teach your son or daughter that there is no such term as superiority when it comes to gender. Your child needs to understand that even though boys are physically stronger and girls are emotionally stronger, this difference is what makes all kinds of human relations beautiful. 

Good Touch & Bad Touch: Now this is a lesson that most parents give to their child but it’s not always received completely. Even if the child knows what bad touch is, in times they experience it, a child tends to hesitate before acting against it. Why? Because even though we tell our children about bad touch, the child does not know how to react in the situation. This makes the child doubt whether he/she should say something.

Communication is Key: The relation you and your child have is very important in his/her upbringing. If your child is hesitant to come and talk to you about things that happen to him/her then you are doing something wrong. Kids should be able to trust you and be open with you 

Different People, Different Opinion: Teach your child that everybody is different and that’s okay! Not everyone will share your child’s ideas and beliefs, they might even strongly disagree with your child. Acceptance will prove to become a bliss in your child’s future. 

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