Befriend The Pen!

Befriend The Pen!

As it is said that books are your best friends, but there is more to it. Having a diary and pen with you can also help you in many ways. Developing a healthy habit of writing can help in the long run as well as it is a big blessing for your mental health. 

As life unfolds several changes come hand in hand and we get tangled in situations where it is tough for us to think straight. Well, while life is busy throwing lemons, here is a lemonade recipe that carries several benefits. 

Give yourself some reasons to befriend the pen – 

  • Better communication: This can come up as a shocking pointer but when you write you are not just brushing up your writing skills but you are improving your communication skills. While writing we tend to choose better words automatically, and when we handwrite something we remember it longer. This helps us in being sure what we want to speak, and ultimately we deliver a clearer message. 

  • Eliminates stress: It is hard at times to pour out our heart even to the closest one. There are many reasons for that and one of the most common and major reasons is we are afraid that people will judge us. But the pages of your diary will stick with you through thick and thin. Writing helps you reduce stress. Jotting down all that is on your mind will make you lighter and you can focus on what is actually important. 

  • Awareness of thoughts: As we grow we are more confused about who we are? And what we want to do? But writing every day will help you sort yourself in the most beautiful way. Writing will give you the awareness of what you expect, what you are doing and where you are wrong. You won’t need a psychologist to explain your thoughts to you. 

  • Clarity of decisions: Writing closes the extra mental tabs. And this will help you gain clarity of thought and helps you think straight. Writing down all about the situation gives you the bigger picture and you can choose what is good for you. Clarity of decisions develop self-confidence and you own what you do.

  • Stockpile ideas: Ideas can pop up from nowhere, and it is always suggested to write them down immediately. Your creative mind will keep presenting ideas and writing them down will give you a good list of new things to try. The benefit it shares is, the moment you feel you are out of ideas all you need to do is open your diary and find the one you need.  

  • Optimistic view: You won’t go far with the negative approach towards life. When you write, you pour out the thoughts which make the space for the new ones. As you write about the positive things happening around, it generates a sense of gratitude in you. And as a plus, it slows down the process of Mental Aging. 

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