Build your Creative Confidence

Build your Creative Confidence

A world that is developing at an exceptional speed, we try hard to maintain the pace with it. But we get so focused on marks that we often forget to maintain the creativity that can drive us to places and grow. If you think that you are only an analytical person that you might want to increase your creative confidence. Marks can take you to the table but if you will stay there or not, that will be decided by the confidence you have in your creativity. Feeling confused from where to start? Here are some ways to get going-

  • Baby steps: Rome was not built in a day. This statement is the most prominent part of anything that you are planning to start. There is a creative genie inside you but you must know how to rub right to let it come out with all the magic. Start by taking small steps and the very first thing you must figure out is to understand how will you keep yourself motivated, to keep working? Put something in fronts of you like a quote, or any picture that triggers you hard enough to get going. 

  • Thought leader: You are what you feed your mind. Make sure that you give your mind the right kind of food. Drive your thoughts in the right direction so eventually, you can grow in the right direction. 

  • Surprise Yourself: Jason Goldberg said – “ Find your one thing and do that one thing better than anyone else.” You will only find that one thing if you never stop experimenting. Keep surprising yourself, and try new things. This will not just help you learn different things but will also help you grab something from everywhere. This approach will eventually help you, to pour your creativity in its full grace. Ideas will keep popping up and you will always come up with something extraordinary. 

  • Self-efficacy: Creativity takes courage. You will not grow if you will keep doubting yourself. Self-efficacy is the sense that you can change the world. Develop your ideas and have faith in them. As it is said failures are stepping stones to success and you are always learning. Own, the belief you have and invest your potential in making it outstanding.

  • Quality matters: Big things often have small beginnings. You won’t be perfect on day one. Creating things in quantity but not in quality is of no use. Make sure if you create one thing a day, make that one your best. 

Create something Everyday.  

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