Time Management in Exams- Tips and Tricks

Time Management in Exams- Tips and Tricks

Are you hearing yourself complaining that you didn’t have enough time to finish the exam? Well, this is something that happens every now and then. The reason can be improper time management and practice before and during exams. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you nail the exams just in time: 

Before Exam

  • Develop a Schedule: It is important to be planned and start studying days before exams. Make sure that you have a planned time table where you know how much time is to be dedicated to each lesson and subject. This will help you know how much time you are giving to each subject.


  • Question paper awareness: There are many sample question papers that are provided with some textbooks and maximum time they are available on the internet. It is not just to practice questions from last year but they also give you an idea of how marks are distributed in the question paper. This way you can always have an idea what types of questions take more time and which portion can be finished quickly. 

  • Writing Practice: Question paper can always shock the kid. You must make sure that you are investing some time in writing as well. It is very helpful to practice writing fast, and to the point.  Choose the writing instruments carefully and practice writing fast in them. The pen/pencil should be smooth and fuss-free. Also, time yourself when you practice writing.  

During Exam

  • Pay attention to Question Paper: Once you are in an exam hall, be calm and read the question paper very carefully. Usually, children get panic-stricken when time is running out and tend to overlook some questions. By reading the paper thoroughly, it will be easy to prioritize and write the answers accordingly when there is little time left during the test.

  • Divide your Time: Before starting to write make sure you give some time to the reading part as well. This will help you know which question needs more time and which ones can be shifted to less time-consuming questions.

Exam times can bring in a lot of stress but it’s always a good idea to follow some simple tips that can make things a little easier. Time management is the key to pass exams with flying colours.

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