How To Save Your Child From Air Pollution

How To Save Your Child From Air Pollution

Delhi and Delhi NCR have definitely seen better days when it comes to air quality index. It’s important that at this time we keep our children safe and away from this toxic haze that enveloping us. Let’s start with reasons why it is important for us to take precautionary measures for our children.

Why do we need to protect our children from air pollution?

  • Children’s lungs are still developing and air pollution can interfere with their complete growth and also promote respiratory diseases. 
  • Their bodies are not able to metabolize, detoxify or flush toxins that are present in polluted air like adults.
  • Their brains are still developing, and neurotoxic compounds in polluted air can affect children’s cognitive development. 
  • They inhale more air per unit of body weight than adults as they are more active.
  • Babies born to women who were exposed to air pollution during their pregnancy are more likely to be premature.

Steps To Protect Your Child From Air Pollution

Close windows and turn on AC/Air purifier- We would advise you to keep your windows and doors closed because if you keep them open, there is no difference between the atmosphere of your house and the atmosphere outside. So shut all your windows, and turn on your ACs and air purifiers. 

Add healthy foods to your daily diet- Parents should ensure their kids eat plenty of vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C like lemon, carrots, and apples. Turmeric and honey make a good combination for kids who need to build their immunity. 

Buy a good quality face mask- If your child has to go to school every day or refuses to stay indoors, purchase a good quality face mask to protect them from hazardous gases in polluted air. People who wear face masks showed less effects of air pollution on their heart rhythms and blood pressure compared to those with no masks. 

Bring more plants into your house- Plants can absorb gases that are harmful to us like carbon dioxide to use for photosynthesis. Clean the air in your house by bringing in plants like green spider plant, bamboo palm, aloe vera, and peach lily. 

Drink lots of fluids- It is necessary for you and your child to drink lots of fluids especially now more than ever because it will help in flushing out toxins from your child’s body. 

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