Is Your Child Getting Bullied? Help Them Before It’s Too Late

Is Your Child Getting Bullied? Help Them Before It’s Too Late

Let’s face it, growing up is challenging and your early years determine your character and personality. Why is it that some children are shy and soft-spoken and others can probably make us shy without flinching? Whether it is in school, college, the internet or outdoors, bullying can have adverse effects on your child’s overall development. But how do tell if your child is getting bullied and more importantly, what to do about it? Look out for these signs:

Unwillingness To Go To School

We understand children become professional actors when they need an excuse to miss school and come up with various sudden illnesses like headaches, stomach aches and even fever.  This is very normal. What is not normal is if your child NEVER wants to go to school or starts throwing tantrums at you every morning to get ready for school. Also, if your child is actually experiencing frequent headaches and stomach aches, this can be a result of bullying. So, be observant about this with your child and you should be good. 

Restlessness or Inability to Sleep

Is your child more tired than usual? Is he/she on edge in the mornings? Your child might not be getting proper sleep or waking up multiple times at night due to anxiety. This does not only mentally affect your child but also takes a toll on his/her physical fitness. 

Disinterest in Studies and Bad Grades

Has your child has lost interest in learning things from school or is having trouble concentrating in studies? This is also a major telltale sign that your child may be suffering from bullying. It’s tough for a child to concentrate on anything when he/she is constantly stressed about getting bullied. Depression, anxiety and trouble sleeping can all create problems with schoolwork. 

Change in Eating Habits

If you think your child if not having food properly or is always lost in thought, your child could be suffering from serious anxiety. You should always ask your child what he/she eats in school and with whom. Not eating lunch could also lead to things like weight loss, dizziness, headaches and binge eating at home can be more signs that point towards bullying. 

Mysterious Bruises and Injuries

Bullies don’t only hurt your child’s mental peace but can quite literally cause him/her injuries. Bumps and bruises are common in children but if you see your child getting bruises or coming home with torn clothes more often than not, then he/she needs your help! 

What To Do? 

If you think your child is getting bullied then you need to be proactive and approach his/her teacher. Since teachers spend a great amount of time with your child, they can manage the environment your child is in. 

When your child is behaving in an irrational manner, manage it with a calm approach and extend a helping hand instead of being stern with him/her. He/she needs your love more than anything at this time. 

Encourage your child to share his/her problems with you. Always appreciate your child for being open to you. Open up to him/her about the problems you experienced when you were a child, it’ll help your relationship with him/her. 

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