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We provide a favourable environment for your child’s holistic growth.


The school believes in providing an open and creatively stimulating environment that hones the students’ capabilities and makes them resilient and independent. We have zero tolerance towards corporal punishment as well as the usage of cell-phones on campus. We make it a point to keep the teacher to student ratio 1:20.

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The infrastructure has been designed by keeping in mind every need of the students. The campus is centrally air-conditioned with high-speed Wi-Fi for the smooth functioning of the school. The campus also holds an expansive computer lab, an in-house dining hall, a library and more. Click the button below to know more

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We have put a great amount of thought into making the campus a safe zone for the children to be in. With our transport surveillance and carefully designed exits and entrances, the students shall remain safe within the bounds of the school. There is also an infirmary on campus that provides treatment and care for the sick students.

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Experiential learning is a method of educating through first-hand experience. Skills, knowledge, and experiences are acquired outside of the traditional academic classroom setting, and may include field trips, field research, and service-learning projects. We provide our students with Think Lab and SMART Class Programmes for this purpose.

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The school insists on instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in the students. With our paperless billing/information system, solar power plants in school and our online ERP system; we have minimized the excessive use of natural resources and committed to working towards a greener society for our future generations.

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